What's that about? Well, today people put their faces out there on the Internet or the Web or via their smartphones, etc., and many have "avatars" of themselves, pictures that "represent" them, or use emojis, animojis, memojis, or whatnot. The latest iPhones actually "look at" the actual you, and from you, create an animated "cartoon-like" representation of you, to be your "representative" with people.

I don't much care for all of that, but I guess I can see some benefit, that is, it may help communication a tad, for people to see some visual "image" representative of who they are communicating with. Just now, I don't have a current photo of myself. However, my wife and I saw that black & white photo (that's now out on the front entrance page), and she just happened to remark to me, "That resembles YOU." "Do you think so?" I asked. And I simply hit upon the notion that (lacking a current real photo of myself), that one could serve the purpose, could somewhat represent me. Why not? If it's a fair portrayal of what I look like (as my wife says it is), and if it projects an honest idea or impression of me, then, why not use it? And there you have it.

But wait: This can be "fine-tuned" a little more: I showed her another photo. We had a Google Images page opened, with a lot of such photos in it. So I pointed to another one, and said, "How about this picture? I think - personality-wise - this one better reflects me. "Yes," she said, "I think so too; but look, this man in the white T-shirt trims his beard shorter and very differently than you do. And he has that 'bushy' mustache. Yours is not like that. I still think (at least as far as beards and actual appearance goes) the other man looks more like you currently do, although your beard is longer." Hmmm ... . So I decided to put both pictures up for you. If you can make a mental "synthesis" of them twain, I think you'll have a pretty good "avatar" of me.

And that's all there was to it.

But then, says I, as long as we are having fun with look-alikes, and I see a whole bunch of these old bearded guys who could be used, why not put a few more in for you? So, below, are a few more, to help you form a "look-alike synthesis avatar picture":

The one just below of the fellow with glasses
and a vest and facing right, stood out
a bit. My wife said, "From this 'side view' I'd
say your beard is shaped a lot like his."
But before she said that, what struck me, more,
was, his face reminded me of my
grandfather the missionary doctor, though
Grandfather didn't have a beard. But there's
something in his look, his expression, or something.

Another "lookalike":

Moving on to others
just for fun:

I'm sure that's quite enough.
If you do formulate a "synthesis" concept from all of these (REMOVED PICS),
I suggest that your "anchor" for it be the first picture,
the black & white photo out on the front entrance page

It's really not too "unlike" me.